Friday, December 14, 2007


Rather than try to post something about all the stuff that's gone on between now and the last post, I thought I'd post a thought I had this morning while waiting for the bus.

It was snowing. Not the light powdery snow that comes early on to signal the start of winter. Not the thick heavy clumpy snow of a blizzard that thwarts the best efforts of vehicular traffic, sunk in the mire for hours. No. This was chunky compressed snow. The kind that you scrape off your sidewalk a week after the blizzard because you didn't shovel and a thousand feet have trampled it into compressed bricks of frozen water, dirt, and filth.

Concrete slabs of grey-white snow were plummeting down to Earth from god-only-knows where, crashing into and through the windows of cars, houses, and businesses, tearing limbs from even the sturdiest trees, and embedding themselves in lawns everywhere. Somewhere a terrified scream of "it's the end of the world!" was interrupted by an sudden impact. I was suddenly very glad I didn't live on the top floor.

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